October 23, 2022
8:45 a.m.

The Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center
Manassas, VA 20110

Run 1.5 miles - Bike 4 miles - Swim 250 yards

Run 1.5 miles - Bike 4 miles - Run 1.5 miles

Bike 4 miles - Swim 250 yards

Run 1.5 miles - Swim 250 yards

Tri or Du Relay:  
2 or 3 person teams with each person completing 1 or 2 legs of the triathlon or duathlon

all distances are approximate

Race Description Course Registration Instructions Volunteers

Run: route map                    1.5 miles primarily on road and sidewalk, with a short
                                                        distance on grass 

The race will begin with the run with wave starts.

A short portion of this run is off-road on grass and mulch.

Start:  Edwin King Lane to a left turn onto Freedom Center Blvd., toward the driveway entrance to the back of the Freedom Center

  • Turn left into the driveway entrance into the Freedom Center parking lot

  • Continue straight onto the service road that runs behind the building

  • at the end of the paved roadway, follow the course markings along the grass around the side of the building (this marked pathway will curve to the left)

  • pathway will lead you to a sidewalk beside George Mason Circle, continue all the way to the end (beside the Hylton Performing Arts Center Bldg)

  • once you've gone around the turnaround marker, continue ON SIDEWALK all the way back toward the Freedom Center

  • Enter the transition area in front of The Freedom Center building.


Bike: route map                    4 miles on low traffic roads, basically flat    

Start:  Freedom Center parking lot

  • Exit parking lot via George Mason Circle

  • Stay on George Mason Circle to the u-turn at the turnaround cone

  • Right onto Edwin King Lane

  • Right on Freedom Center Blvd.

  • Right on University Blvd.

  • Continue to turn-around

  • Right on Innovation to turn-around (cul de sac)

  • Right on University Blvd.

  • Continue on University Blvd. to 2nd turn-around

  • Right on Freedom Center Blvd

  • Continue to turn-around

  • Right onto Edwin King Lane

  • Right onto George Mason Circle into parking lot

AQUABIKERS:  Note that you will start the race with the bike leg.  You will be started in the final wave, enter the transition area to get your bike and gear, and continue on with the rest of the course.

DUATHLETES:  For your second run, leave the transition area at the same exit point used by triathletes to enter the pool.  Turn RIGHT on the sidewalk and run along the front of the building, turning left and the end of the sidewalk (near the flagpole), continuing to the left onto the driveway that goes behind the building, and continuing as you did in Run 1.  At the end of the run, you must enter the pool deck to cross the "finish line" (where swimmers exit the water at the far end of the pool).  Please be sure that the timers record your finish time.  MAP of DUATHLETES' RUN 2


Swim:        snake style swim in a 25 yard pool  

The race finishes in the indoor pool.

Swimmers will begin the swim whenever they reach the pool after completing the bike portion of the tri . There will be 10 lanes set up in the 25 yard pool, a total of 250 yards. You will sit and slide into the pool and use the ladder to exit the pool. Each will swim down the first lane, go under the lane line, swim back in the next lane, go under the next lane line, swim down the next lane, etc. This is called a snake swim...and you should practice going under the lane lines at your own pool before the triathlon.

Our format for the swim includes:

  • swimming in each lane goes only one direction
  • passing is allowed
  • you MUST swim to the wall, touch it, go under the laneline, and push off from wall in next lane
  • flip turns will not be permitted. Use of flip turns will be cause for disqualification from the race.
  • NO diving or jumping into the pool (you'll be seated and then slide in from the side)         


transition area:   4 bikes to a rack, unassigned  (first come first serve)          

                                              instructions on use of Tri It Now bike racks