September 18, 2022
8:00 a.m.

The Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center
Manassas, VA 20110


Swim 425 yards - Bike 11.2 miles - Run 2.6 miles 

Run 2.6 miles - Bike 11..2 miles - Run 2.6 miles

Swim 425 yards - Bike 11.2 miles

Swim 425 yards - Run 2.6 miles

Tri Relay:  
2 or 3 person teams with each person completing 1 or 2 legs of the triathlon

all distances are approximate

Race Description Course Registration Instructions Volunteers

We love our volunteers
and depend on them to help our races
be as fair and as safe as possible!

We need some volunteers to work on the course and at packet  pickup. 

A great way to get a chance to cheer for your favorite athlete right in the middle of the race is to be a volunteer!

In addition, pre-registered volunteers will receive a crew discount code* worth $10 on a Tri It Now race entry. These codes are for the volunteer to use or to transfer to the athlete of their choice. They may be used for any future Tri It Now event during the 2022-2023 seasons.

*PROCEDURE for 2022

  • Only workers who pre-register online for a crew job will be eligible to receive a discount code.

  • The volunteer MUST sign up online before race day, provide age and valid email address, and check-in with the volunteer coordinator/race director for their assignment on race morning

  • Following the race and confirmation of assignment completed, upon request the race director will email a unique discount code to each volunteer

  • One discount code will be distributed per crew member.

  • Volunteers must be age 12 or older to receive a discount code for their work.

  • Each discount code will be worth $10 toward a future Tri It Now race entry. 

  • A single discount code may be used during online registration for one event.

  • On payment page during online registration for a race: input the DISCOUNT CODE


join the race crew

 athletes:  please encourage your friends and relatives
to come and be a part of the fun by helping at the race.
They might just pass on their discounts to you!